Immerse yourself into the world of fragrances

Essential oils influence the body in a holistic way because these oils are absorbed via the skin and mucous membranes and they also get into the body via the sense of smell to affect our vegetative nervous system.

Get yourself pampered with very relaxing "wellness treatments“, The essential oils will be mixed for each customer based on his or her wishes. Feel the effects of the essential oils and vegetable oils in 100% organic quality.


My name is Maria

I love being outdoors in nature and collect herbs and roots, which I make into a pleasant balm or also into an herbal soap. When making these products I only use high-quality vegetable oils and essential oils that are 100% organic.

I have a 2-year training as a certified aroma therapist and I attended a 1-year medicinal herbal class with Artemisia in the Allgäu. Furthermore, I attended the 1-year class "Auf dem Weg zum Meister" ("On the way to the Master“, also with Artemisia in the Allgäu as well as the „Regenbogenkurs“ ("Rainbow Training")  in the Allgäu.

Maybe you are also interested in making your own lotion or soap from high-quality natural ingredients without any chemicals. 

Care with aroma therapy

Enjoy the benefits of an aroma therapy treatment with wonderful fragrances and pure essential oils.



Make your own balm and soap with wonderful fragrances